Excellent Alternatives to Limousines for Your Wedding

The bride and groom’s arrival is one of the highlights of a beautiful wedding. Limos are an excellent way to achieve this but wouldn’t it be overkill? There are lots of great alternatives to limousines for your wedding. Read on to find out more.

Here are a few excellent limo alternatives that will give you that dream-like arrival that you deserve:

Stick to The Classics

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After a formal evening, what could be more elegant than leaving in a vintage automobile such as a 1948 Rolls Royce or a champagne-colored Bentley from 1953? Using these cars as wedding transportation is excellent if you want the classic, post-World War II ambiance.

If you have a penchant for the Godfather era, you can reserve a black 1940 Packard limo, which, with room for seven passengers in the back, is perfect for accommodating a modest wedding party.

Go for Luxury With An Exotic Car 

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Perhaps you have a fiancé that drools with longing every time he hears a Lamborghini rev its engine? Then, you could consider letting him take charge of this aspect of the wedding and making his vision for the big day a reality.

His ideal vehicle is available for short-term rental in luxury car rentals in your city. You can choose from any of their exotic cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Maseratis, and Corvettes.

You can also check out their websites to see their different prices.

Take advantage of the day by treating yourself to a little touch of luxury and leaving in a stylish vehicle.

Make a Magical Entrance With A Carriage

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If you’re looking to channel your inner Cinderella or inner Kate Middleton on your wedding day, a horse-drawn carriage ride may be just the thing. To help with your preparations, remember that most horse-drawn carriages can only comfortably transport four persons at a time.

Choose Convenience and Ease With A Trolley

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A San Francisco-style trolley is a convenient means of transportation for large groups. This is the most comfortable and convenient way to convey your bridal party to the ceremony, the wedding guests to their accommodations, the wedding party to the photo session, and the reception.

The trolley company in your city may also take you on a sightseeing tour so that you and your wedding party can take stunning photographs in front of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Turn Up the Party With a Good Ol Party Bus


The journey from the ceremony to the reception is a good opportunity to continue the celebration amongst close friends. So take this route if you want to have fun and kick off the reception early.

Enjoy some downtime in style with your wedding party after the ceremony is over. This is especially important if you’re having a winter wedding and the weather is unpredictable or you prefer the notion of having a well-stocked bar.

Head to the Skies with a Helicopter

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On your big day, you will probably feel like you’re floating in the clouds, so why not take it to the next level by taking a helicopter ride? By pushing yourself to new limits, you may maximize the wow factor of your wedding.

It’s not completely out there, but you’ll need to check that your wedding location has a helipad and clearance and that your transportation budget includes more than just a limo. The minimum duration of a flight is often between two and three hours, and the hourly rate can range from $1,200 to $2,000 for up to four passengers.

What Can I Use Instead of a Limo?

There are many excellent alternatives to a limo for your wedding transport, such as an exotic car, carriage, trolley, party bus, or helicopter. You can use any of the transport options listed above that best suits you.

How do I Save on Wedding Transportation?

There are several ways you can save money on your wedding transportation:
● Remember to book well in advance
● Consider the proximity of the wedding venue to your home
● Consider as many transportation companies as possible
● Check the company policies carefully

 Is Transportation Necessary for a Wedding?

Yes. Transportation is necessary for a wedding. It’s extremely stressful to convey the bride, groom, and wedding attendants without adequate transport.

 Who Rides With the Bride to the Ceremony?

This is entirely up to the bride to decide. However, the bride usually rides with her father, the bridesmaids ride with the bride’s mother, and the groom rides with his best man.


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Excellent Alternatives to Limousines for Your Wedding