Is Morganite a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring? Pros and Cons

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Every time a partner gets down on one knee, the next most crucial thing after the question, “Will you marry me?” is the engagement ring inside the box.

Diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice, along with the other most popular gemstones for jewelry. If you’re eager to find or give non-traditional engagement rings, or you’ve just received one, morganite stones are a wonderful alternative.

A morganite ring isn’t as conventional as the traditional diamond engagement ring, but it has become increasingly sought after in recent years. Considering all the engagement ring factors, is morganite a good choice for an engagement ring?

Let’s get to know the beautiful stone and see if it’s the perfect choice for you!

What Is a Morganite Gemstone? Is Morganite a Good Engagement Ring Choice?

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Morganite is a semi-precious stone that’s a variety of beryl. It might be your first time hearing about this stone, but as a fun fact, it has been available for the longest time!

The stone was first discovered in 1910 on the coast of Madagascar. American mineralogist and mineral collector George Kunz suggested the name for a pink beryl variety in honor of J.P. Morgan, the financier.

Morganite is known for its pink hues. It’s often called the pink emerald, and many love its shades. It could be orange, coral, peach, salmon, violet, or light pink.

Besides the color of the stone and its color ranges, people also love the hardness of morganite rings. It’s hard enough for daily wear, which is why it has become an excellent choice for an engagement or wedding ring.

Morganite and the 4 C’s

Morganite is a rare gemstone with a value that highly depends on the two C’s: clarity and color. A high-quality morganite is clean without visible inclusions. And the more pink the pink stone is, the higher the value.

The pink gemstone often goes through heat treatment to eliminate orange and yellow notes. The industry standard process also enhances the pink color and doesn’t affect the beautiful gemstone’s value.

Like other gemstones, the quality of morganite also considers the two other C’s: cut and carat. Different cuts are possible for any pink morganite, but its natural beauty shines brighter with the proper cut.

The most popular morganite color is pink, and the darker-colored it is, the better to cut it shallow to allow more light. Conversely, lighter shades of this rare stone are best with a deeper cut for enhanced color and saturation.

Morganite has a different density than diamonds, so jewelers measure it in millimeters instead of carats. The largest specimens of morganite were found in 1989 and weighed 50 pounds.

The rose beryl is available in large sizes, making the price unassociated with the carat weight. So if you’re looking for a big morganite center stone, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank!

Pros of Morganite Engagement Rings

If you’re still hesitant to move away from traditional diamonds, here are reasons the pink stone from the beryl family could be the best thing you’ll ever pick:


The hardness rating of morganite is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. It’s not as hard as the diamond or the pink sapphire, but it’s hard enough to remain unflawed for everyday wear! Its durability is its most important factor.

The stone is absolutely recommended for modern brides looking for jewelry that’ll last forever.


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Morganite is the traditional diamond’s rival in terms of brilliance and dispersion. And because it’s cut to optimal proportions, you’ll love to look at your engagement ring from all angles. A faceted morganite looks glam when it catches the light!

Unique and Lovely Colors

People fall in love with the feminine stone’s colors. The hues of this stone are absolutely gorgeous, and the shades are incredibly romantic!

The rose tints blended with the white gold make a beautiful combination. If you don’t want a gold engagement ring, choose a bezel setting to highlight the stone’s color.

Relatively Affordable

Morganite offers an excellent alternative because its current and limited demand makes it more affordable. White diamonds can cost tens of thousands, but you can buy larger morganite stones for just a few hundred dollars! It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Easy To Clean

All you need is warm water, a soft cloth, a soft toothbrush, and soapy water, and your morganite ring will be sparkling again! Having a gemstone that doesn’t need you to take it to the jeweler every month is a great advantage.

Cons of Using Morganite in Engagement Rings

While morganite is undeniably an excellent option for many reasons, you must also consider some of its drawbacks before making a decision. Weigh the pros along with the following cons to get a better idea of the stone’s suitability for your engagement ring:

Less Durable Compared to Diamonds

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Durability is one of the first quality factors to look for in a gemstone. Morganite is not as hard as diamonds, so it’s more susceptible to scratching and chipping. Though you can have it recut and polished, it’s better to take good care of it.

Requires Regular Cleaning

Morganite can get cloudy over time, so you must regularly clean it. The stone needs a professional cleaning every few months for optimum performance. Yes, it’s very easy to clean, but you have to do it more often than with a diamond ring.

Need a Sturdy Ring Setting

When choosing a ring setting for morganite, make sure you go with something sturdy. The stone’s lesser hardness on the Mohs scale means it’s more prone to damage. Prong settings are popular for engagement rings, but a bezel or tension setting would be the best for morganite.

Quality Varies

Lastly, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) doesn’t have a certification to protect customers from substandard morganite. It’s essential to research and buy from a trusted source to ensure you’re getting the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pink diamond ring is a dream for many, but the cost alone is a deterrent. Morganite is an excellent choice if you consider all its pros and cons and take proper care of the ring. Here are some questions that people ask about the gemstone:

Key Takeaways

People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but not everyone is a diamond type of gal.

Morganite is the stone of innocence, sweetness, and romance. To choose a morganite engagement ring means choosing warmth and love over everything else.

So, when you pick the brilliant earth stone, let it be from your heart — and not because of its lower price tag.

Is morganite a good engagement ring? Yes, so find the perfect ring for yourself or your partner now!

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Is Morganite a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring? Pros and Cons