Ivory vs. White Table Linens for Weddings

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In a nutshell:

You can mix and match by using white plates on an ivory tablecloth, wearing an ivory dress with white linens, and choosing an ivory tablecloth with white napkins. It’s all about choosing a style you’re happy and comfortable with.

Whether you’re an engaged couple about to tie the knot or an event decorator, being part of the planning process is an exciting and memorable experience. From your wedding dress to the plates and table linens, you want everything to work together and make your big day more memorable.

But you might still be uncertain whether you should go with ivory or white table linens for your wedding. Keep reading if this is you!

Deciding on Ivory vs. White Table Linens for Weddings

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When planning for your wedding tablecloths, you might ask, “What is the best color for a tablecloth?”

Top options include white and ivory. Now, you might worry about white looking too sterile or bright, overpowering other essential details in your wedding. But, simultaneously, you might think ivory tablecloths will look yellow or dirty.

However, the key is not to be afraid to mix and match. For example, white plates on ivory tablecloths are a good combination. Simple yet luxurious ivory tablecloths go well with classic white dishes.

An ivory dress with white linens and vice versa will look great too. The contrast may be evident, but the tone-on-tone effect helps you look more stunning and the venue more stylish. Of course, great lighting is also necessary to ensure your dress looks smooth.

You can also use an ivory tablecloth with white napkins or vice versa. This gives your table setting a subtle and elegant look.

Tips and Considerations

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Deciding between ivory and white tablecloths depends on several factors.

These include the theme of your wedding, the other decor components, the linens’ quality, and your style. For example, if you prefer a rustic or vintage feel, ivory table linens are an ideal choice. But, then, if you want a clean look, you can never go wrong with pure white.

Consider the assets of your wedding venue too. For example, white and ivory tablecloths will illuminate an indoor venue with large windows.

Then, refer to swatches to help identify what color of tablecloths to use for your wedding. Again, you should get small pieces, compare them, and determine which color or color combinations work best for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re confused about ivory vs. white table linens for weddings, the key is to return to your preferred style. Consider your wedding theme and other wedding accessories, and try to mix and match.

Ultimately, it would be best if you went for the color you’re confident with.


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