8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer in 2023

To film or not to film? For many engaged couples, that is the question! So, should you hire a wedding photographer in 2023? To make it short and sweet—Yes! Here are 8 reasons you should hire a wedding videographer.

1| You might regret not having your big day on video

Trust me. There are many couples out there who decided not to hire a videographer and who just ended up regretting it! Most couples wish they had invested the money in memories that actually last (unlike an extravagant 30-tiered wedding cake).  

Ask yourself this question: what is the worst thing that could happen if I hired a wedding videographer?

The only thing you would risk is not being happy with the editing and the final product. But that’s a problem you can solve.

Now think about the worst thing that could happen if you didn’t hire a wedding videographer?

Well, your big day has passed and now you’re regretting not having captured those precious moments! There is not much you can do. This isn’t a problem you can fix.

Sure, you’ll have a few short videos your guests shot here and there, but can you really compare those to a professional video? No.

Hiring a wedding videographer was one of the best decisions I made while I was planning my wedding.

2 | Your videographer will capture moments you’ll miss

Listen, every bride and groom will tell you that your wedding day flies by!

Believe me, you will miss so much of it. It just isn’t possible for you to be everywhere and see everything. Wouldn’t you love to be able to watch all those moments you’ve missed?

3| Video can capture emotions, motion, and sound

Let’s face it. Some memories should just be captured by video.

A photo will only show you that your guests were laughing during the ceremony; a video will actually let you hear the joke that made everyone laugh.

A video can capture your vows, the great speeches, the guests’ reactions, your family members’ mannerisms, and much more.

Wouldn’t you love seeing your father walk you down the aisle again? Or your best friend’s surprise performance?

Photos. Just. Won’t. Capture. Everything.

4| When everything is said and done, your wedding photos and videos will be all that’s left

Photo album
Credit: Freestock on Unsplash

This one is pretty straightforward.

Your cake, the catering, the decor, the atmosphere, and even the guests: at some point, everything will pass. But your memories, the pictures, and videos will last a lifetime. Need I say more?

5| Share your video with those who missed your big day

Another advantage of video is the fact that you’ll be able to share your big day with those who weren’t able to make it and let them be part of the wedding.

For me, that was my uncle (my dad’s brother) who couldn’t get his Visa on time for the wedding. Fortunately, when he made it, we were able to share the whole ceremony and reception with him!

I know it’s not the same as physically being there, but it was still better than just showing him a few pictures. We were able to watch the video together and enjoy it with the whole family.

6| Remember moments you might have forgotten

Don’t underestimate this!

A lot will happen on your wedding day, and it will be full of emotions.

You might forget some details or conversations you had with your family and friends (especially if you are having a huge wedding).  Having a video will let you reminisce and remember what went down.

7| Allow your future family members to experience your wedding

Father holding baby's hand
Credit: Pexels

Have you ever watched your parents’ wedding video? Mine didn’t have a huge wedding, so, unfortunately, I never had the chance to enjoy their big day. But for those of you who have, wouldn’t you agree that it was such a great experience?

Picture being able to share these moments with your future kids and grandkids. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Sure, you could show them your wedding photos, but it’s just not the same!

8| It’s 2020!

Come on, it’s 2020! This is how we communicate.

Should we really be discussing the importance of videos in today’s society? We all see it, it’s everywhere. YouTube is bigger than ever, and Instagram is rolling out new video features all the time.

So, if there was ever a time to hire a wedding videographer…  

I can’t afford it—what about the budget?

Let me guess. I’ve convinced you to hire a videographer for your wedding—or at least think about it.

And now you’re thinking to yourself: great, thanks! Now I want one but can’t afford it.

If there is absolutely no way of fitting both a photographer and a videographer into your budget, then you should go with the photographer.

You could then ask a friend or relative who is handy with a camera to film the key moments (your entrance at the ceremony and the reception, your vows, your first dance…).

Some would suggest asking your guests to be the photographers by getting them to take pictures throughout the day and sending them to you.

As a former bride, I would not recommend this approach.  Hiring a professional videographer, but having amateur wedding photos is not the way to go.

Trust me, you won’t want to hang horrible shots on your wall. You need a professional photographer (or at least someone who knows what they are doing).

I couldn’t imagine not having beautiful, high-quality, professional wedding photos.

budget planer
Credit: Northfolk on Unsplash

The best way to go about it is to try to fit the videographer in your budget by compromising and trying to reduce other expenses (maybe you shouldn’t go for the biggest centerpieces your florist has to offer. Remember: most things only last one day, your video lasts a lifetime).

If your family members are helping you pay for the wedding, you could kindly let them know that you are thinking about hiring a wedding videographer. Who knows? They could help. My dad ended up paying for a relative’s videographer when he found out—on the wedding day—that they hadn’t hired one because of their tight budget.

Now what?

I hope I was able to give you insight into why you should hire a videographer. 

You won’t regret it. Hiring our videographer was one of the best decisions we made on our wedding planning journey!

Think about it.

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