20 Unique Wedding Cake Knife Engraving Ideas

Your wedding knife symbolizes your union—and all the special moments you’ll share as a couple. So whether you’re cutting your wedding cake, carving the turkey on Thanksgiving, or simply enjoying a romantic home-cooked meal, this special knife will serve as a beautiful reminder of your big day. To make it even more personal and unique, consider engraving it with a message, quote, or inside joke that’s meaningful to you. So here are our 20 unique wedding cake knife engraving ideas for your wedding!

1. “Two hearts, one love”

2. “Best day ever” (followed by your wedding date)

3. A quote from your favorite song or poem

4. An inside joke that only the two of you would understand

5. “Love always”

6. The coordinates of your first kiss, proposal, or another special place that’s significant to your relationship

7. A heart—simple but always timeless

8. Initials (yours and your spouse’s) interlocking or entwined

9. “Mr.” and “Mrs.” followed by your last name (or just “Mr.” and “Mrs.,” if you’re not changing your last name)

10. “Love Conquers All” 

11. “To Have and To Hold” 

12. “Best Day Ever” 

13. “Mr & Mrs” 

14. “Soul Mates” 

15. “Together Forever” 

16. “Eat, Drink, & Be Married” 

17. ” Happily Ever After” 

18. Your Wedding Date 

19. Quote from Your Vows 

20. Any other short and sweet message that celebrates your love!

We hope you loved these 20 wedding cake knife engraving ideas as much as we did! But remember: no matter what you choose to engrave on your wedding knife, the important thing is that it comes from the heart and reminds you of all the happy moments you’ve shared—and will continue to share—as husband and wife. With this sentimental keepsake by your side, every meal will feel like a special occasion.


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20 Unique Wedding Cake Knife Engraving Ideas