What Is a T Part Wig? (+ Our Picks for 2023) 

The T-part wig is the latest addition to the many wigs available on the market. As one of the newest wig styles, it’s understandable if you’re confused and wondering, “What is a T-part wig?” 

T-part wigs have risen in popularity over the past couple of years thanks to a global lace shortage. Every wig lover knows that HD lace wigs are one of the best wigs you can get. No lace shortage changes that.

Rather than being limited to just headband wigs, capless wigs, and expensive full lace wigs, T-part wigs became a great alternative. It’s now a fast favorite among Black women.

What Is a T-Part Wig?

A T-part wig refers to a wig with T-shaped lace. Instead of the entire wig cap being made of lace, there is only enough lace for the front strip along the hairline and the middle of the parting space.

It has enough lace to blend with your baby hair and creates a natural-looking effect, both for the hairline and the hair part.

The wig got its name from the shape of the lace, which resembles a capital letter “T.” This wig also goes by other names, including:

  • T part lace wig
  • T frontal wig
  • T lace wig

The front lace portion of the T-part wig allows it to blend almost imperceptibly with your own hair, giving the illusion of a neat and very natural hairline. 

Features of a T-Part Wig

The main feature of this wig is its unique lace shape. The use of lace helps make the wig more lightweight. But, simultaneously, it gives you a certain degree of breathability and comfort.

In general, T-part lace wigs have a 13-inch lace strip that spans the length of your hairline from ear to ear. It also has a two-inch wide and four- or five-inch lace area for the part line.

This new type of wig uses less lace but still gives the appearance of a natural hairline and hair parting.

Pros and Cons of T Part Lace Wigs

T-part lace wigs are a good choice of wig for many people, especially beginners. Some of the advantages of this type of wig are:

  • More affordable: Since it uses less lace, T-part wigs are more affordable, regardless of whether you’re buying kinky curly or straight wigs.
  • Natural results: Thanks to the lace spanning the full front and the middle part, it gives you a natural look, as long as you get the right lace size for your hairline.
  • Easy styling: There’s no need for a lace closure wig or hair extensions. Since the wig is already pre-parted, you won’t have to spend too much time styling it for everyday use.
  • Amazing quality: Since most T-part wigs are made with good quality lace and real human hair, T-part wigs are far from being poor quality. They also last a long time (with proper care).
  • Beginner-friendly: All of these pros combined make T-part lace wigs perfect for new wig wearers.

However, T-part lace wigs also come with one prominent disadvantage, particularly when compared with full transparent lace wigs. 

Most T-part wigs are middle-part wigs, though there are some that come with a side part.

However, unlike a U-part wig or V-part wig, you can’t change where the parting falls, even with high-quality T-part lace wigs.

Our Top 5 Picks of T-Part Wigs for 2023

Finding the perfect T-part wig can be tough, especially if you’re still new to this type of wig.

So if you’re looking for a new wig to welcome the coming year or just want a new wig for a special occasion, check out our five favorite high-quality T-part wigs below.

t part wig in blonde

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